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TOP TIPS - Index

August 2016
How to convert any file to pdf and add a filename sequence number to each file filename

May 2016
How to convert a MSG file to PDF with attachments as PDF pages in one file.

April 2016
How to convert a 2up booklet page pdf back to a 1up pages pdf

June 2014
How to batch print TIFF files with JPEG compression type

May 2014
How to batch merge/append jpeg files to pdf in groups by folder name

September 2013
How to print a large file across multiple printers with load balancing

July 2013
How to rotate pdf's to the correct orientation automatically

March 2013
6 Ways to print a pdf

November 2011
How to create a batch script to move pdf files into page count folders

August 2011
How to batch print the first page of every TIFF file

July 2011
How to ask for document / matter number before batch printing just those documents

April 2011
How to add a pause to batch printing for paper switching

February 2011
How to export pdf bookmarks to a .csv file

October 2010
How to resolve pdf file issues when processing in products

How to batch print/convert IMAGES JPG, GIF, PNG etc to PDF
How to output words & counts to .csv file from a pdf file
How to batch print the first page of every pdf

September 2010
How to find files with no text to possibly OCR and copy just those files to another folder
How to batch print email MSG files and attachments

August 2010
How to create a printable book from a PDF or other document type

June 2010
How to batch process a folder of pdf's every few minutes

How to watch for emails and print the attachments automatically
How to nUP pdf's before batch printing in realtime

May 2010
How to add bates / sequence numbers and part of filename to pdf's

January 2010
How to folder watch, merge and print multiple pdf's in realtime

How to sort and move pdf's into folders by page count

December 2009
How to print and finish/staple page ranges using bookmarks

How to insert a blank page into a pdf invoices file so all have even number of pages
Converting an existing 2up pdf into 1up format
How to find all PDF files that have searchable text (OCR)

August 2009
How to print the generate or print an index from bookmarks

How to merge all pdf files in subfolders to one pdf under each subfolder
How to create GIF thumbnails from PDF's

April 2009
How to count pages in office & pdf files and generate reports

December 2008
How to batch convert PDF's to multipage TIFF files

August 2008
How to batch convert MS Excel files to pdf

July 2008
How to batch print password protected pdf's

June 2008
How to batch merge Postscript (.ps) files before printing

May 2008
How to batch convert MS Word DOCS to PDF

March 2008
How to 2up a PDF and Batch Print in real-time

October 2007
How to insert a pdf into a another pdf multiple times page by page

September 2007
How to split pdf files dropped in to a folder

April 2007
How to reverse all pages in pdf files

January 2007
How to group append pdf's together automatically in different folders with same filenames.

June 2006
How to uncompress gzip (.gz) files and print the contents automatically

April 2006
How to insert a pdf into a master pdf multiple times page by page

January 2006
How to batch print Crystal Report files. (.RPT)

How to batch print two files on different trays multiple times

November 2005
How to add an image to pdf files before printing, in real-time.

October 2005
How to print PDF's without Adobe Reader or Acrobat.
How to add page numbers or other information like filenames to pdf files before printing, in real-time.
How to print a pdf file in groups of n pages for finishing e.g. 5 pages at a time.
How to add blank pages onto odd number pdf's.
How to round up total pages on pdf's to a divisible amount e.g. divisible by 4.
How to batch rename pdf documents using document properties.

September 2005
How to merge files of the same name from different folders.
How to add your PDF files document summary information in to a Database in less than 10 minutes.

June 2005
How to insert files into another file page by page.

May 2005

How to print the last page of every PDF file.
How to append 1 blank page to every odd page PDF file.
How to run Batch & Print Pro in the background like a service.