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Batch & Print Enterprise - TIFF Addon for batch printing tiff files

Main Features
1. Supports Windows XP, Vista & 2003. 2008, 8 / 8,1, 10, 2012, 2016 & 2019.
2. Drag and Drop support of files.
3. Save, Load & Append Lists
4. Print Spooler Sequencing.
6. Supports multiple doc formats, e.g. PDF, DOC, TXT, HTML, BMP, JPG, GIF + any other associated printable formats.
7. change printer settings during print job.
8. Separator page support.
9. List order organizing Options.
10. Print Scheduler, for automating reports to print at a specified time on a specified printer.
11. Directory Monitor, that watches folders for documents and prints them to a specified printer, ideal for automation.
12. Command line options for automation from other applications.
13. Full HTML Help.

  Batch & Print Enterprise TIFF Addon

All Add-on's require  Batch & Print Enterprise v7.05 or greater

TIFF Add-on v2.04  - last updated 01/04/2014

This is Included with Batch & Print Enterprise

Key Features: 
  • Page Control Printing
  • Set Header Information
  • Set Footer Information
  • Print fit to page
  • Print stretch to full page
  • Print in the middle of page
  • Header & Footer printing page options
  • Change fonts and style of header & footer text
  • Flip image horizontally option
  • Flip image vertically option
  • Two types of graphics libraries can be used
  • Shows TIFF page count in Batch & Print Enterprise

All these features can be changed throughout the batch list, they are set on a per file basis.

Header & Footer Details:

  • Header & Footer codes:
    • [FULLFILENAME] - will print the current full filename, i.e. c:\mydir\test.tif
    • [FILETITLE] - will print the current filename title, i.e. test.tif
    • [FILETITLENOEXT] - will print the current filename title without extension, i.e. test
    • [CREATEDATE] - will print the file timestamp, i.e. 2004-11-26 23:14:00
    • [FILENAME] - will print the current filename title without extension, i.e. test
    • [PAGENO] will print current page number
  • Printing options:
    • Print Actual size - prints at the image size regardless if it will fit on the page or not, this will not spawn multi pages per page, the image will be chopped if it's too big.
    • Scale to page - will take the printer settings page size and scale to fit best, either on x or y which ever is the largest.
    • Stretch to fit full page - will stretch the image to fit the entire printer page size selected.
    • Print in the middle of the page - will print the actual or scaled image in the middle of the page x & y.
    • Print header/footer on first page only - if this is selected then the header & footer is only printed on the first page of the document, if not then it will print on every page.
    • Flip horizontally / vertically
    • Run from the command line using the -Atiff"parameters" option, see FAQ in help for more info.
    • Auto rotate print on image size
    • Pixel ratio for increasing/decreasing image

Print multiple documents with ease.

The Scheduler
Schedule prints to print automatically to any printer at a specified time of day or month or year.


Directory Monitor
 when people drop files into hot folders on your network Batch & Print Enterprise will automatically send them to the correct printer.