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PDF Content Split SA - Split PDF's on conent like Invoice Number / Account No / Statement No


TOP Reasons why you should upgrade to
PDF Content Split SA 5.


  • Full Windows 7, 8 / 8.1, 10, 11 & 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019 & 2022 Support
  • Fully Unicode compatible
  • Full support for embedded and sub fonts
  • Optimized smaller pdf output size over v1 and v2
  • 64bit version at least 2x quicker than versions 1-3
  • Wildcard matching and pattern alpha/numeric matching options
  • Page Offset on word text option for moving pages e.g. scans
  • Batch list processing
  • OCR option to make pdf text searchable e.g. for  scanned pdf image documents
  • Emailing options, email split pdf's based on the email in the pdf pages
  • Email SSL & TLS support
  • Remove characters/text from output filenames e.g. test123456789  to 123456789
  • Extract other parts of the pdf text by position as part of the output filename
  • Load/Save email lists to send
  • Auto appending of split pdfs if same match later in the file
  • Improved matching, word detection
  • Improved interface
  • Over 20 improvements, fixes, changes over version v4.00 to v5.01
  • Over 80 improvements, fixes, changes over our first version 1.00

    Free trial is available here

    you must have a license for PDF Content Split 1.xx to v4.xx to be eligible for upgrade, please contact us for the promotion code if you have not been emailed with one.


Split PDF's based on text in the pdf



Split PDF's based on h,v co-ordinate positions in the pdf


OCR option to make pdf text searchable e.g. for  scanned pdf image documents


Split and email parts of the pdf



Use email addresses in the pdf to automatically email segments of the pdf


Appends multiple matches together automatically