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PDF Content Split SA - Split PDF's on conent like Invoice Number / Account No / Statement No

There are no known bugs at this time.

Out of Memory on startup?

Try the 64bit version here


Having problems with "View Page h,v" button not showing any text?
Quickly learn how to OCR / Make your pdf files text readable, Easy and Simple Video Guide:

Problem with DLL initilization / Missing DLL?

download and install the Visual Studio 2008 Distribution pack for x86 or x64, if unsure - install both.

NOTE: A reboot is required afterwards.




please email us if you find a bug or have any comments or suggestions.

Split PDF's based on text in the pdf



Split PDF's based on h,v co-ordinate positions in the pdf



Split and email parts of the pdf



Use email addresses in the pdf to automatically email segments of the pdf


Appends multiple matches together automatically