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All our law products are Citrix ready.
Ready for citrix desktop or application publish support. All our products have a fully portable install folder to a location of choice for maximum flexibility.

Automatically works with integrated MS Word DM systems without DM prompts.




Quite often we get asked to do customization to our software tools or we are asked to do new bespoke tools for the job required, we have over 25 years of software development and data formatting experience, if you have a job that may require this then please feel free to contact us about it at:

Sometimes we already have a product ready to-do the job or have done something similar in the past,
we're sure we can help you. we also deal with re-formatting documents to pdf and back again and fixing issues in documents using our vast array of tools and knowledge.
we have a document to ebook partner at: 
for converting documents to ebooks by hand, please give them a try if you're thinking of releasing an eBook.

Below are some past examples of work we have done for customers, are you looking for something similar? email us


PDF Data Extractor custom version for CatsEye
DESCRIPTION: Create a new product based on the PDF Data Extractor product to process certain type of invoices from Costa Coffee, very simple interface. one click button to process. features include batch file processing, trial software support for other CatsEye associates.

Batch & Print Pro custom Addon for PJL code print insert, Xerox card swipe system - PMA Group
DESCRIPTION: Create a new addon to convert all files to pdf, then to postscript or pcl and add into the print stream PJL print header code for the user name to card swipe on any printer to release the print using the Xerox card swipe system. the loginname is picked up from an accompanying file.

PDF Bookmark Print Customization -
DESCRIPTION: Customize our current PDF Bookmark Print tool, add new features - now available in v1.16
DETAILS: Took our current PDF Bookmark Print plugin and added sub level option in setup for one thumb in first tree, added banner page text options in banner setup, added extra reporting options for thumbs selected.

Fix an old pdf book -
DESCRIPTION: This PDF book was a huge 800mb in size and contained scanned images of an old latin book, some of the scanned pages required fixing due to fringing from the scanner, also the size needed reducing.
LANGUAGES/SOFTWARE USED: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat XI, PDF U Split, PDF U Append.
DETAILS: Converted all the pages into separate pdf pages using our tool PDF U Split, in thumbnail view identified which pages needed fixing, put those into another folder. created an action in Photoshop to fix the pages by removing some red fringing color issues. resaved them then appended the file pack together.
To reduce size, OCR'ed the PDF in Acrobat Latin mode which also fixed skewed pages and saved as a new pdf with compression.
We also created a BW/Greyscale PDF which reduced the size even more to less than 80mb in size.
Then we secured the pdf so no one can print it out or copy text from the pdf.
This type of page was fixed to be clear background, OCR'ed and de-skewed.


PDF Printer Driver Branding and Customization - Doxprint
DESCRIPTION: Rebrand Print To PDF Pro
LANGUAGES/SOFTWARE USED: Microsoft Visual C++ / Print To PDF Pro
Took our existing Print To PDF Pro tool - Rebranded it like in below screen shot and improved some of the creation status, save features and installation - this also creates a printer under the customers name.


Secure a PDF eBook "O Brother!" - Nancy Hyden
DESCRIPTION: This PDF book needed some protection for pople to download and not print the book or re-distribute it.

Took this pdf and scripted it with our tool PDF Secure to create a new pdf with password protection to open the pdf and not print the pdf. A password list was created for the customer for each pdf created. i.e. 1 pdf per person with a different password.


Acrobat Plugin for Continuity in scripts -
DESCRIPTION: Write an brand new Acrobat plugin for marking up scripts for script supervisors, i.e. TV, Film scripts.

LANGUAGES/SOFTWARE USED: Microsoft VC++, Code Warrior & Adobe Acrobat 5 / 6
This was a large plugin tool for Adobe Acrobat that gives the user special buttons and tools for drawing information and generating pdf reports on a script to keep the continuity in the film / tv show. i.e. camera angles, props used etc etc
This is used by script supervisors on set with the director.
This was written for PC and comverted for Macintosh usage too.


Acrobat Plugin for pdf printing process - Norwich Union
DESCRIPTION: Write an brand new Acrobat plugin for taking scanned pdf documents and printing them to a detected size.

LANGUAGES/SOFTWARE USED: Microsoft VC++, Adobe Acrobat 5/6.
A specific print tool added to Adobe Acrobat for the user to load up a file in Acrobat and select which parts of the pdf to print. The pdf is a scanned document of many sizes and the tool puts those sizes & colour into a category for printing, then let's the user choose which sizes to print.

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