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All our law products are Citrix ready.
Ready for citrix desktop or application publish support. All our products have a fully portable install folder to a location of choice for maximum flexibility.

Automatically works with integrated MS Word DM systems without DM prompts.



We have successfully been selling software all over the world for many years now to many companies in many industry sectors & the general public.

We have listed a few below to look through.
If you have any concerns or questions about ordering or about our business then please contact us, we will be glad to help - click here:


Company Name				Country
Computer Associates			Australia
Department of Housing			Australia
Fuji Xerox 				Australia
North Coast Water			Australia
QBE Aviation				Australia

Biblo					Belgium
Fujitsu Siemens Computers		Belgium
Promedia				Belgium

Alberta Government			Canada
BC Ministry Of Forests			Canada
Commonwealth Legal			Canada
Durham District Catholic School Board	Canada
Environment Canada			Canada
Global Profiles Incorporated		Canada

Arla Foods				Denmark
Siemens A/S				Denmark

Ludovic Fassion				France
Optio Software Europe			France
Valeo Transmissions			France

Axa Tech GmbH				Germany
BMW Group				Germany
CS Cybernetic Systems GmbH		Germany
Jacobs Deutschland GmbH			Germany
Logiway GmbH				Germany
Mobydisc GmbH				Germany
Strategy Ventures			Germany

IBM					Switzerland

Bank of New York			UK
Honeywell				UK
Inland Revenue				UK
London and Capital			UK
Mayflower Corporation			UK
Oci (UK) Ltd				UK
Oxford University Press			UK
West Yorkshire Police			UK
American Trouser, Inc.			USA
Augusta Mental Health Institute		USA
Dept. of Commerce,Bureau of the Census	USA
Florida Dept. of Transportation		USA
KXEO Radio Inc				USA
Pegasus Global Corp			USA
University of California		USA
University of Missouri			USA
US Bankruptcy Court			USA
US Dept of Energy			USA