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v3.06 18/03/2021

1. fix for drag and drop in batch list.
2. fix for add files in batch list.
3. fix for old method pages range in Acrobat DC 2021

v3.05 03/03/2021

1. fix for Acrobat DC 2021

v3.04 02/10/2018

1. fix for printer setup window not opening in some cases.
2. fixed a possible get and set printer initialization. corruption error.
3. updated for Acrobat DC, page range and copies.

v3.03 13/09/2018

1. fix for when starting print window, if previous had page range then it was showing default all and page range radio button. now fixed to last times setting.
2. fix for crash after printer dialog setup, not enough storage space. now increased *3

v3.02 19/07/2017

1. fix for setup on 2nd usage was not re-activating after minimize.
2. fix for print window on 2nd usage was not re-activating after minimize.
3. fix for progress window on 2nd usage was not re-activating after minimize.
4. fixed a stop error, not stopping / leaving progress window open.
5. added some robustness when minimized.

v3.01 18/10/2016

1. fix for stamp cursors image problems.
2. fix for double print setup issue.
3. fix for annotations stamps 6 to 10.
4. updated batch processing to add multiple selected files to list.
5. fix for page end greater than number of pages error. now uses page count.


v3.00 18/03/2016

1. Re-written for Acrobat X, XI & DC.
2. Some fixes for old adobe printing mode with later versions of Acrobat.
3. Updated internal pdf printing engine.
4. Added view Quick Setup file.
5. Added view Page Sizes file.
6. Added pdf direct printing.
7. Updated the paths & temporary files used for Windows 7/8, 2012 & 10 security.
8. Added page number to output print name for easier detection.
9. Added if the user has used quick setup and then goes and changes a setting on one of the controls then it asks if you want to update the quick setup printer settings files for future use.

v2.08 16/02/2015

1. fix for reverse printing with duplicate controls after each other.
2. added option to print 1 page at a time.
3. updated internal pdf printing engine.

v2.07 31/03/2014

1. fix for running over a network.
2. fix for reverse function in old printing method.
3. fix for new printing method not loading print dll correctly.

v2.06 22/04/2013

1. fix for page ranges in Acrobat X 10.1.6

v2.05 09/11/2012

1. fixed a crash acrobat.dll error in Acrobat X

v2.04 27/07/2012

1. added internal printing without adobe for better automation

v2.03 13/07/2012

1. fix for Acrobat X 10.1 update print interface changes

v2.02 27/04/2012

1. added retry on getting printer information incase it's offline / disconnected / not available.

v2.01 30/03/2012

1. fix for copies in windows 7 sometimes showing zero on printer setup

v2.00 21/10/2011

1. added support for Acrobat X (10)
2. fixed a stall issue when found Adobe Updater
3. added batch list capability
4. fix for Acrobat 10 tray selection

v1.20 10/06/2011

1. fix for temp path issues in windows 7 permissions

v1.19 16/11/2010

1. fixed a memory issue causing crash with some printer drivers

v1.18 10/08/2010

1. added permissions check when adding print controls

1.17 13/11/2008

1. corrected a network path issue when printing as one postscript file

1.16 12/09/2008

1. added on open quick setup option in Setup
2. added 999999 for last page when marking up.
3. added SILENTPRINT to quick setup
4. added CLOSE without save
5. fixes for Acrobat 9
6. added PAUSE option, e.g. PAUSE;3 for 3 seconds
7. added HIDEADOBE

1.15 18/03/2008

1. fixed copies issue
2. added save and load pcs for tray and copies information

1.14 04/04/2007

1. fixed an Acrobat 8 issue causing it to sometimes loop indefinitely whilst processing acrobat windows messages.

1.13 03/02/2007

1. fixed a tray selection issue when loading a pcs file on Acrobat 7 or 8


1. added DEFAULT to scripting for any pages not marked

1.11 - 12/12/2006

1. fixed an intermittent issue with printer setup
2. updated help for troubleshooting

1.10 - 22/11/2006

1. added REPLICATE e.g. REPLICATE;1;4 to scripting
2. fixed a printer setup issue in Acrobat 8

1.09 - 29/05/2006

1. added match on bookmark name in setup + quick setup
2. added mark after other control in setup + quick setup
3. fix for crash on adding inject markup

1.08 - 11/04/2006

1. added delete current control in page view button to toolbar
2. added thumbs button to turn that selection mode on and off
3. updated 'Unknown' bin names to the actual bin name.

1.07 - 07/04/2006

1. added quick setup scripting
2. added save inject file into .pcs file set and load from it.
3. added change toolbar names
4. added load .pcs file on startup
5. added thumbnail support and multi thumbnail support, i.e. select thumb and press the control number
6. added option to ignore printer name when setting printer. (incase the printer is named differently on different pc's)
7. fixed a startup issue with the config file
8. added quick setup file easy creation.
9. updated help.

1.06 - 06/05/2005

1. added swedish to printer setup
2. changed to 10 controls
3. fix for Acrobat 7 - added selecting of tray from page setup
4. improved tray detection on other languages

1.05 - 20/09/2004

1. fixed an invalid annotation problem
2. added paper size detection feature

1.04 - 23/04/2004

1. changed load prs to load without changing printer settings.
2. fixed a problem when searching adding wrong control id

1.03 - 04/01/2004

1. set default settings back after print has finished.
2. fix postscript printing out of memory error
3. changed so when setting printers it doesn't change default printer settings
4. When you click print it will now backup all the default settings currently set on
the printers used in those page range selected to print, when the print has finished
spooling it will then restore those settings back.

1.02 - 07/01/2004

1. fix for number of copies

1.01 - 04/01/2004

1. changed to floating toolbar
2. added menu's in plugins menu
3. changed trial to 15 days trial limit and increased max pages to 200 for trial
4. fixed a postscript selection problem - it wasn't changing when sent as a PS file, was prefixed at PS3.
5. fixed showing 0 copies problem
6. added acrobat print dialog support for:-
Danish, Norwegian, Trad chinese, Sim chinese, Swedish, Russian, German, Italian,
Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Estonian, Finnish, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian,
Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Spanish,
Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian
7. changed .ini to install path

please email us if you find a bug or have any comments or suggestions.

PDF Print Control

Set printer settings at page level without splitting the PDF


Set all device printer settings, tray, color, dpi, orientation, paper size and other printer device features


Up to 10 unique printer settings re-useable throughout a PDF


Batch List printing


Inject Postscript files into the print stream for job finishing.

Optionally Print as one postscript file.

Replicate printer settings within the PDF.

Search for text, bookmark name, paper size and add printer settings.

Looking for a way to add controls on a server before printing? try AddPrintControl here