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When I define a separate drawer for my individual pages, it works ok. However if I want a certain page to print in Landscape mode, it still prints in Portrait.

First check to see if the prints in the spool queue have the correct printer settings, you can do this by pausing the spool queue or pausing the printer then right mouse on the prints in the spool queue and check the properties, if the orientation is correct then it could be the printer is overriding the orientation, please check the printer hardware settings first then try a different printer driver, make sure your printer driver is up to date and use the postscript driver version.
If the prints have the wrong orientation make sure your printer driver is up to date and you are using
a postscript driver. (postscript is native to Acrobat)
Secondly check the windows printer settings
doesn't have multiple setups for the orientation, some printers have more than one setup page for the same setting.
An alternative method to change printer settings is to install more than one printer driver for the same printer, manually setup both to what you require (make sure you change the device driver settings as well as the printer properties) then flip-flop between the two drivers. e.g. HP4000_PORT, HP4000_LAND

please email us if you find a bug or have any comments or suggestions.

PDF Print Control

Set printer settings at page level without splitting the PDF


Set all device printer settings, tray, color, dpi, orientation, paper size and other printer device features


Up to 10 unique printer settings re-useable throughout a PDF


Batch List printing


Inject Postscript files into the print stream for job finishing.

Optionally Print as one postscript file.

Replicate printer settings within the PDF.

Search for text, bookmark name, paper size and add printer settings.

Looking for a way to add controls on a server before printing? try AddPrintControl here