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BMW, Boeing, Computer Associates, Birds Eye, DELL, U.S. Dept of Energy, Fujitsu, Honeywell, IBM, Inland Revenue, Kyocera, NASA, Oxford Press, FedEx, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Xerox, Virgin Airways, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Britannia Airways, Intel, Ricoh, Pets Best, Staples & many others.


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Batch & Print Pro Batch Printing Tool for all your printing needsis for batching documents as retainable lists which can be automatically printed in document sequence of your choice. All associated shell printable documents are supported, e.g. PDF, MS Word, HTML, Text Files, Image formats, Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint Presentations and many more options. More details. Buy Batch & Print Pro

PDF Data Extractor can extract certain text information within the PDF, Extract data like Account Number, Name, Address and output this information into an Excel CSV file. horizontal, vertical text position matching, after/before text matching and for more advanced matching it has a rules system for conditional matching, Many options are available: Data Extraction, OCR pdf option, OCR number correction, Adjust for Skewed pdf page option, Full Unicode support for other language files e.g. Hebrew, Right to Left reading order option, Offset on a word on the page for dealing with Chopped Scanned PDF's, Number, Date & Money filtering, Merge Multiple data words into one, Data column order assignment, Run on the command line, Header output, page number field, filename field, Batch list processing...
More details. Buy PDF Data Extractor

Rapid PDF Count count's how many pages, words,Rapid PDF Count for counting pages, colour / BW pages, page sizes and more characters, text and no text, page sizes, color / BW / gray pages, landscape / portrait pages in PDF's + reporting and scripting options and supports pdf portfolio files, pdf validation thru adobe reader in an easy to use interface and also has command line support.   More details.  Buy Rapid PDF Count

PDF Tonic Pro software Print Tonic Professional - Page Level Printinghas a unique main feature that allows you to control how documents print at page level & importantly keep it as one print job on the printer, for example if you wanted a document to print first page as simplex and then the rest of the pages on duplex this is now possible and all under one print job & on any printer that supports these features. Another example is if you wanted to print all pages starting with page text match INVOICE on Tray 1 duplex and all pages with page text match PAYMENT on tray 2 simplex then this is all now possible without having to do anything with the source pdf beforehand, you can do this with any printer setting like trays, color, media, finishing etc etc  More details.  Buy PDF Print Control

PDF Imposition DE software automates the process of 2up, 3up, 4up, 6up, 8up, 10up or 12up a pdf document,PDF Imposition DE for Quick and Easy PDF Imposition optional convert 2up pdf back to 1up format,  down parameter for 2up'ing downwards on a page rather than across the page (left, right), the output page size can also be controlled, duplex options for outer-in for booklets, duplex options also. duplicate option for duplicating pages, rotate all, odd or even pages option, user interface + command line and batch file list support & more. More details.  Buy PDF Imposition DE


Batch & Print Enterprise - Print all types of files fast!Batch & Print Enterprise is for multi batch printing documents, various formats like pdf, tiff, jpg can be printed all at once to any printer. All associated shell printable documents are supported, e.g. PDF, MS Word, HTML, Text Files, Image formats, Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint Presentations and many more. More details. Buy Batch & Print Enterprise

PDF Content Split SA can split on text information within the PDF, This is an ideal product if you had for example a PDF statement that needed splitting up on account number, PDF Content Split would do this with ease by searching for words within the pdf,  marking start and end ranges and then automatically splitting the document up for you.
Many options are available: Content Splitting, Split on Bookmarks, Take words within the pdf as output filenames, Search for text, Extract until text, Co-ordinate matching, optional emailing of split pdf files based on email address within pdf with text or html message & many more options, Acrobat not required. More details. Buy PDF Content Split SA

Batch Document Converter Pro is Batch Document Converter for converting lots of file formats into pdffor batch converting documents automatically to pdf in the document sequence of your choice, documents formats that are supported are: word doc, docx, docm, xls, xlsx, xlsm, rtf, jpeg, png, gif, tiff, emf, wmf, bmp, psd, dwg, dxf, mht, txt, html, aspx, php, msg outlook messages, eml messages, pst mail archives, ost, ppt, pdf, log & lst. For maximum quality, preservation, robustness & speed these formats are converted to pdf and are NOT printed to pdf like other products. More details. Buy Batch Print Pro

Hot Folder MonitorHot Folder Monitor - File Processing Automation
Is a type of tool that allows a computer to automatically detect and process new files that are added to a designated "hot" folder. When a new file is detected, the software takes the specified actions, which can include anything from moving the file to a different location, to triggering a workflow or script or exe that processes the file in some way. More details. Buy Batch Photo Processor


Batch Photo Processor is forBatch Photo Processor - Squeeze image files to a more sensible file size
h image/pdf processing batch lists of files in sequence, folder watch, email watch & schedule processing, image files supported are BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG Images & PDF Documents. Images can be re-scaled, size reduced, cropped, rotated, flipped, mirrored, lightened, sharpened, converted to grayscale, negative, you can add multiple text and images to the images, pdf's can be converted to images and visa-versa, many options available More details. Buy Batch Photo Processor




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