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Main Features
1. Supports Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019, Windows 7, 8 & 10, Unix AIX 4.3, Linux, Macintosh OSX, SUN Sparc Solaris, HP-UX
2. Automates the process of splitting multiple PDF files.
3. Command Line options for automation
4. Split on page ranges
5. Split into groups of pages
6. Split on Odd or Even pages
7. Split on bookmarks
8. remove bookmarks from split output files
9. Batch list processing
10. Doesn't require Acrobat
11. PDF Size Optimization up to 50% better than Acrobat
12. up to 70 times quicker than Acrobat 7
13. Retains PDF file versioning information
14. Full HTML Help.

What's new ?

1. see what's new in help.


  Split PDF v1.10 is available for download (see left download links), see below for details. NOTE: this product is specifically designed for cross platform server usage, if you are looking for a pc desktop application please see our PDF U Split Desktop Edition.

What is Split PDF ?

NOTE: This Software does NOT require Acrobat, Split PDF is designed for server usage.

Split PDF software automates the process of splitting multiple PDF
files, you can split an existing pdf file or a list of files, split page
ranges, split odd or even pages, split on bookmarks, optionally
remove bookmarks from output files.

The result file is optimized for space, PDF Size optimization is over
50% better than splitting files in Acrobat and using other tools that
use Acrobat to split, Split PDF also retains file version information.
In our tests the splitting speed is up to 70 times quicker than
Acrobat 7 split + save!

Now supports 64bit version for upto 25% quicker processing.

Simple command line parameters:
e.g. SplitPdf in1.pdf -ooutput.pdf -s1-5
e.g. SplitPdf in1.pdf -ooutput.pdf -s1-5 -remove

e.g. SplitPdf in1.pdf -ooutput-singles-files -s1s
e.g. SplitPdf in1.pdf -ooutput-singles-files -sodd
e.g. SplitPdf in1.pdf -obookmark_ -bookmarks
e.g. SplitPdf list.txt -fout
list.txt file contains:-

Evaluation Restrictions are:- unrestricted, license page at end of every split file.

Split multiple documents with speed & ease.

PDF Size optimization is up to 50% better than using Split in Acrobat