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Supports Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, Vista, Windows 7/8, 10, Unix AIX 4.3, Linux, Macintosh OSX, SUN Sparc Solaris, HP-UX

many optional parameters:

-i<pdf input filename> source pdf filename or list of files in txt file
-o<pdf output filename> destination pdf filename
-f<pdf output folder> destination folder, the source file title is used for output pdf file title

-s(n) page to start processing at, default at 1
-e(n) page to end processing at, default at 99999
-ns(n) page number to start at, default at 1
-ne(n) page number to end at, default at 99999
-m(n) mask number with n zeros e.g. -m5 would create number 00001, e.g. page 00001 of 00010, default mask 0
-n(n) only page number 1 in nth> e.g. -n2 would page number pages 1,3,5,7 with page numbers 1,3,5,7, default 0
-inc(n) for incrementing page count e.g. 2 would page number pages 1,2,3 as 1,3,5
-seq sequential numbering for -n(n), e.g. e.g. -n2 -seq would page number pages 1,3,5,7 with page numbers 1,2,3,4, default 0
-r reverse page numbers first page would be last page number, last page would be first page number.
-2up 2 up page numbering e.g. 10 page doc, page 1 would be 1, page 2 would be 6, page 3 would be 2, page 3 would be 7.
-ab2 A/B 2 up page numbering e.g. 10 page doc, page 1 would be 1, page 2
-one one page number text only, e.g. by default page number 1 / 2, 2 / 2 so one would be just 1 then 2
-rom roman numerals numbering lower case e.g. xii
-ROM roman numerals numbering in upper case, e.g. XII
-export<filename> carry last page number over to next pdf, save last number+1 to a file
-import<filename> import above file for number to start at.
-nopg no page numbers just text
-prefix <text> text to prefix page number with e.g. 'Page ' e.g. for Page 1 / 2, set default to 'Page '
-sep <text> text to separate page number start and end with, e.g. ' / ' for e.g. 1 / 2, set default to ' / '
-end <text> text to end with, e.g. ' Pages' for e.g. 1 of 2 Pages, no default i.e. ''
-font <text> font name to use, e.g. Arial, use Arial as default
-fontfile <filename> for loading other font metrics into the program
-color(xxxxxx) RGB hex font color to use in rgb hex. -color000000 is default for black. default is black.
-CMYKcolor(xxxxxxxx) CMYK hex font color to use in cmyk hex. -CMYKcolor00000000 is default for black, -CMYKcolor0000FF00 is yellow (default is RGB black)
-size(n) font size to use, e.g. 11, use 11 as default
-angle(n) angle of text in degrees, use 0 as default
-align <text> align justified text, can be 'left', 'right' or 'center' or 'vcenter', left is default. e.g. right on positions 20,20 would mean last character right edge ends at that position.
-noforce no force portrait when landscape, if view is rotated then calculate as unrotated. (default is turned on)
-pos(n),(n) h,v (horizontal, vertical) positions on page calculated from bottom left up. e.g. 20,20 would be bottom left corner. use 10,20 as default. if -1 is specified then center on page size.
-flipv flips vertical positions so 20,20 would be top left calculated from top of page.
-fliph flips horizontal positions so 20,20 would be bottom right from right edge of page.
-rename <filename> rename output file to include pdf page information e.g. -rename [FILETITLE]_[PAGESTART]-[PAGEEND].pdf
-opacity adds see thru text, enter value 1-100 e.g. -opacity10
-textfile <filename> multiple text lines file
-linespace(n) for line spacing when using a text file above, e.g. -linespace15
-listdelim <string> listdelimiter for filelist, e.g. -listdelim , would separate AAA.pdf,ACCOUNT: 1234546 on the comma
-listsep <string> filelist text separator, e.g. -listsep / would output 123456,AAA,11: ACCOUNT: 123456/AAA/11
-listusecol <string> columns to use in delimited file (optional, if not set then will use all), e.g. -listusecol 1,3 would use columns 1 & 3 only, i.e. skips 2. note: col 0 is the filename
-removesourcefile removes source file after processing
-quiet for supressing processing text, excluding errors


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