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Supports Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 2012, 2016, Windows 7, 8, 10, Unix AIX 4.3, Linux, Macintosh OSX, SUN Sparc Solaris, HP-UX

many optional parameters:

<input file>
input file
<output file> output file
-d decrypt (default, auto detect encryption to decrypt)
-e40 encrypt at 40-bit RC4
-e128 encrypt at 128-bit RC4

-p<password> security password for opening document, use -p[RANDOM] for random password
-c<password> change permissions password, use -C[RANDOM] for random permissions password
-P<new password> change security password (for applying to new document)
-C<new password> change permissions password in new document
-modify modify current document permissions

-type=<string> Document restrictions p,p150,phi,cd,da,cc,cca,pe,c,fff,s,ctp
p = Printing (none)
p150 = Low resolution 150 allowed
phi = high resolution
cd = Changing the Document (none)
da = Document Assembly
cc = Content Copying
cca = Content Copying for Accessibility
pe = Page Extraction
c = Commenting
fff = Filling of form fields
s = Signing
ctp = Creation of Template Pages

-list create text list of files with password. e.g. -list mylist.txt or use .csv for csv file output
-copies<amount> create multiple copies of the same file, ideal use with [RANDOM] password

-log option, will output file log e.g. test-out.pdf.log
-nooutput option for processing if unlicensed or invalid license then it doesn't output an output file, dos return code -6 otherwise dos return -5

-listdelim <string> listdelimiter for filelist, e.g. -listdelim , would separate list by a comma, col1 = filename, col2 = open password, col3 = permissions password.

Example usage:-

Simple Encrypt 40 bit
e.g. PDFSecure test.pdf test-out-40bit.pdf -padmin1 -e40
Simple Encrypt 128 bit
e.g. PDFSecure test.pdf test-out-128bit.pdf -padmin1 -e128

Simple Decrypt
e.g. PDFSecure test-out-128bit.pdf test-out.pdf -padmin1 -d

Simple Encrypt and add permissions to not allow anything
e.g. PDFSecure test.pdf test-out-128perm-all.pdf -padmin1 -e128 -cadmin2 -type=p,phi,p150,cd,cc,c,da,cca,fff
Simple Encrypt and add permissions to not allow printing
e.g. PDFSecure test.pdf test-out-40perm-noprint.pdf -padmin1 -e40 -cadmin2 -type=p,phi,p150

Simple Add permissions to not allow printing
e.g. PDFSecure test.pdf test-out-perm-noprint-nopass.pdf -cadmin2 -type=p,phi,p150

Simple Modify Permissions
e.g. PDFSecure test-out-perm-noprint-nopass.pdf test-out-perm-noprint-nopass-modify.pdf -cadmin2 -modify -type=cc

Simple Change Existing Password to admin3
e.g. PDFSecure test-out-perm-noprint-nopass.pdf test-out-perm-noprint-nopass-new.pdf -cadmin2 -Cadmin3

Simple Encrypt from a list csv file, use col1 as filename, col2 as open password, col3 as permissions
e.g. PDFSecure list.csv -fout -listdelim , -e128 -type=p,phi,p150

NOTE: first 2 parameters have to be input file / output file or 2nd parameter -f
If your filename has spaces in it then use double quotes around the filename, e.g. "c:\my test\test file.pdf"

Wildcards * are not permitted, if you want to process many files then do: dir /B *.pdf > list.txt, then PDFSecure list.txt -fout -padmin1 -e128

PDF Secure

Password protecting pdf's, encrypting pdf's, decrypting existing pdf's, re-encrypting, changing passwords, adding permissions & changing existing permissions in pdf's.

Encrypt RC 40 bit and RC 128 bit support

Decrypts RC 40, RC 128 & AES