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Main Features
1. Supports Windows XP, Vista, 2003, Windows 7 / 8, 10, Windows 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019.
2. Acrobat Plug-in.
3. Generates multiple pdf's from a single pdf using page sizes.
4. Supports Full Acrobat std/pro  5 or greater.
6. supports metric and custom page sizes.
7. Full ISO paper sizes included in setup file.
8. Optional BW/color detection.
8. Automatically saves settings for later use.
9. Installer
10. Full HTML & PDF Help.

What's new ?
1. Update for Acrobat DC 2021


  PDF Page Size Split v2.04 Acrobat Plug-in is available for download here.

What is PDF Page Size Split ?

PDF Page Size Split is an Acrobat plug-in tool for full commercial version of Acrobat which is used to split pdf pages on page size, so for example you could have a PDF with 15 pages of A3 and 5 pages of A4, PDF Page Size Split will split the pdf into two files:- one for A3 and one for A4 pages, then you can print all the A4 pdf's without interruption or store them away in your archives on page size, this also makes viewing pdf's much easier.
An optional matching size table is also included that matches metric size to the ISO standard paper size, for example: 210x297 is A4,  you can also specify your own custom sizes & size ranges, the ISO name is then appended onto the output filename so you can later quickly find your documents without knowing all the ISO metric paper sizes & your custom size descriptions.
Optional color split option as well as page size split.

e.g. report:

Evaluation Restrictions are:- nag screens, 10 pages only & Traction Text.

NOTE: This Software requires Full Version of Acrobat 5 or greater by Adobe Software

Split on Page Size


Split on page color


Output to page size folder e.g. A4


Output to page color / BW e.g. c:\COLOR


Output each page separately for processing


Re-Merge single files back together




Output to preset folder or source pdf folder