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PDF Content Split Plugin - Page Number, Add Numbers / Bates / Text / Watermark PDF's


There's no limit to source PDF size or split size but ideally the source splitting works best when the source is less than 2,000 pages (for optimum speed), the larger the source the longer it will take to split a section, The reason why is because when you split a PDF Acrobat searches through all of the source document PDF & pulls in all the resources needed for the extracted pages, so the smaller the source the less it has to search so the quicker it will be, Acrobat only stores one copy of the font and graphics then the other pages reference those.
The plugin uses Acrobat's internal splitting routines so reliability & compatibility of the pdf should be second to none, although speed has been compromised by Adobe for this reason.

SPEED TESTS Acrobat 5 (2ghz p4 / Athlon)

 1,000 page PDF will split into 400 files in 2 minutes.
 2,000 page PDF will split into 800 files in 5 minutes.
 4,000 page PDF will split into 1,600 files in 13 minutes.
 10,000 page PDF will split into 4,000 files in 47 minutes.

The speed will vary depending on the complexity of the source PDF, if it's simple then it may split much quicker.

ACROBAT COMPARISONS (2ghz p4 / Athlon)

10,000 page PDF split into 2,715 files.

Acrobat 7 - 17 minutes
Acrobat 6 - 1 hour 23 minutes
Acrobat 5 - 51 minutes


Split PDF's based on text in the pdf



Split PDF's based on h,v co-ordinate positions in the pdf



Split and email parts of the pdf



Use email addresses in the pdf to automatically email segments of the pdf


Appends multiple matches together automatically