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Main Features
1. Supports Windows XP , 2003, Vista, 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1/10 , 2012 & 2016
2. 32Bit and 64Bit support

3. Drag and Drop support of files, folders and text lists of files.
4. Bulk load files option
5. Save, Load & Append Lists
6. Print Spooler Sequencing & prioritizing
7. Supports multiple doc & image formats
8. Separator page support.
9. List order organizing options
10. Separator printing
11. Print Scheduler
12. Directory Monitor
13. FTP, SFTP Monitor
14. POP3 Email Monitor
15. Printer Load Balancing
16. Run from the command line
17. System Printer setting changes during printing
18. Run as a Windows Service
19. Run DOS & VBS scripts when printing
20. Task Replication
21. Append and print groups of pdf's for printing as one job file
22. Conversion of website, html, asp, aspx, php, word doc, docx, docm, rtf, jpeg, txt files to pdf with optional append printing as one file
23. Print documents from the web
24. Pre Processing PS, PRN and PDF files
25. Addon support for extra features specific to a file type, e.g. TIFF, PDF, XML. PST, MSG and many more
26. Internally print Postscript (PS), PCL, TIFF, PDF, SPL & RAW PRN formats
27. Automates print to PDF via Distiller
28. Print to Postscript & PCL formats
29. Email notifications
30. Logging and reporting
31. Full HTML Help

  Batch & Print Enterprise PST Addon

This Add-on version 1.02 requires Batch & Print Pro v9. 06 or above to work correctly.

PST Add-on $
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the trial version.

See simple usage on YouTube! click  to view!
for more advanced adding spearators and sorting, see video:

Key Features: 

  • Extracts & Prints message files in outlook PST & OST mail archives.
  • Options to print html, text message, attachments etc.
  • What's printed on the header is completely configurable with a simple script header file. i.e. From, To, CC, Subject. Dates can be formatted in any way you want with a config header file.
  • Select which mail folders to print.
  • Optionally add a separator before each email.
  • Limit the number to extract.
  • Corrects embedded image filenames to the html body. cid: type, and it has an option to only extract these for use when printing the html file, as there is no need to print them separately.
  • Deals with multiple attachments with the same name in an email. e.g. file.pdf, file(2).pdf
  • Deals with emails within emails, i.e. processes any attached emails as a new email.
  • Ignores and logs any archive file errors.
  • Sort on Date option ascending or descending. (groups files together and keeps separators if selected)
  • Outlook not required.
  • Batch & Print Pro automatically extracts pdf portfolio, zips, rar, 7z compressed archives and prints the contents.
  • Batch & Print Pro converts the html and optionally other formats to pdf before printing.
  • Tested on large PST files over 10,000 emails.

All these features can be changed throughout the batch list, they are set on a per file basis.

Print multiple documents with ease.

The Scheduler
Schedule prints to print automatically to any printer at a specified time of day or month or year.


Directory Monitor
 when people drop files into hot folders on your network Batch & Print Pro will automatically send them to the correct printer.