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Main Features
1. Supports Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, Windows 2000 (NT5), XP, Vista, 2003, Win 7, 8/8.1 & 2008, 2012.
2. Acrobat Plug-in.
3. Extracts Plain ASCII Text from PDF files.
4. Supports Full Acrobat 4 or greater std/pro
6. Options to insert Page Numbers.
7. Select Area to convert.
8. Auto copy to clipboard feature for pasting later into other systems.
9. Auto Replace text
10. Option to paragraph indent the text.
11. Modify the text line accuracy by changing the tolerance level.
12. Installer.
13. Full HTML Help.

What's new ?
18th Sep 2008
1. added no popup warning messages to setup options

  PDF2Text v1.11 Acrobat Plug-in is available for download, see bottom left below for details of other new features in v1.11, see example gif animation of pdf2text in action.
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Macintosh version available also click here!

Have a problem using PDF2Text ?, see the F.A.Q. in the HTML help that comes with PDF2Text, if you have any queries or other suggestions please contact us.
Note: Changing the options can have a drastic effect on the conversion, with patience & experience perfect result's can be achieved, if you are having trouble with your pdf's please send us a small sample PDF.

What is PDF2Text ?
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PDF2Text is a plug-in conversion tool for Acrobat Which is used to convert your PDF documents into plain text ascii files. Options are available to output page numbers, Paragraph formatting, Horizontal Formatting, Vertical Formatting, Page range extraction, Character spacing per inch, sorting of text, text tolerance level override for varying sizes of text, copy to clipboard option - ideal for seamlessly grabbing text from any pdf and pasting in to other systems without popups, grabbing of individual characters, automatic loading and saving of configurations & many other features.
please download & see help for more details.

NOTE: This Software requires either Full Version of Acrobat 4 or greater std/pro by Adobe Software

Evaluation Restrictions are:- nag screen, all 'a' characters are changed to 'E' within first 200 characters on each line.


Convert your PDF's to Text in Acrobat with ease.


Grab and text area and copy to clipboard
Ideal way of copying and pasting text from a pdf into other systems.

Page Options

Output page numbers at bottom or top or both on each page.

Optionally switch paragraph indentation on & off.