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  Batch & Print Pro MSG Addon v4.01

This Add-on version 4.01 requires  Batch & Print Pro v10.01 or above to work correctly.

NOTE: This v4 version is for 32bit and 64bit versions.

MSG Add-on $45
- Outlook 2007 or greater required.
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the trial version.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Microsoft Outlook is required, If you're using 64bit Outlook then use Batch & Print Pro 64bit and the MSG Addon. for 32bit outlook use Batch & Print Pro 32bit version and the MSG Addon.
The MSG addon installer has both version 32bit and 64bit included.
If Batch & Print Pro hangs on startup with the MSG Addon installed then you have the wrong bit version installed.

* See the desktop video of usage on YouTube!
click  to view!
* For more advanced printing to adobe pdf and renaming the memo style.pdf to source msg file filename.pdf, see:
* To print all MSG files + attachments to one main pdf file see video:
* To print all MSG files + attachments to one pdf file per msg file name see video:

Key Features: 

  • Prints outlook MSG files
  • Optional print of message attachments
  • print attachments in order of email
    Detects same name attachments and creates a unique path for printing.
  • Support for multi-nested MSG files within MSG files
  • Doesn't require Outlook

All these features can be changed throughout the batch list, they are set on a per file basis.

Print multiple documents with ease.

The Scheduler
Schedule prints to print automatically to any printer at a specified time of day or month or year.


Directory Monitor
 when people drop files into hot folders on your network Batch & Print Pro will automatically send them to the correct printer.